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SabaFon Shareholders Denounce Rebels’ Takeover of the Company’s Headquarter in Sana’a

Shareholders of SabaFon, the first GSM Network operator in Yemen, denounced on Wednesday Houthi rebels for raiding and taking over the headquarter of the company in the rebel-held capital Sana’a.

In a statement, the members of the company’s General Assembly condemned the recent illegal acts conducted by Houthi-affiliated armed groups against SabaFon, including the take over of the company, intimidating its employees, and the alleged fabricated news made up by the rebels.

This comes after Houthi rebels stormed on Thursday the company’s headquarters, unlawfully appointed managing directors, and forged documents and stamps of the telecommunication company

The statement confirmed that the general assembly meeting of the company’s shareholders did not take place during this year and decisions were not made by the company’s shareholders to change the current board members: the chairman of the board or the CEO of the company.

They also said they would take legal actions in accordance with the law and in order to preserve the rights of the company and its shareholders and employees.

It is worth mentioning that the members of the company’s General Assembly consist of Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco); Hayel Saeed Anam Group, The International Contractors Company; Al-Ahmar Group for Trade and Industry; Commercial Agencies; and Kahlan Mujahid Abu Shawarib.

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