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Video: Demining Teams Detect Biggest Minefield in Hodeidah

Engineering Units of the Joint Forces said Wednesday they found the biggest minefield laid by Houthi rebels near the Red Sea Mills in the flashpoint port city of Hodeidah.

September 2 news agency said the teams started dismantling the minefield planted over 2 square kilometers, extending from the north-west side of Almsna neighborhood and reaching the road that is in front of Red Sea Mills.

The source pointed out that the minefield, containing anti-armor and individual mines, is a well-planted field where Iranian-backed militias planted mines in straight lines and in two rows so that it could cover all the gaps in the entire target area.

An expert in mine clearance, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief media, estimated that the minefield contained more than 2,000 mines, noting that a number of 132 mines had been dismantled and removed during the past few hours.

”Clearing the entire minefield requires a lot of effort and time,” he said

Detecting this large minefield comes amid ongoing efforts exerted by the Joint Forces who work tirelessly to reduce the potential number of people who daily fall victim to such mines and to clear and secure the area to help residents, who are currently displaced, come back home safe and sound.

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