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Yemeni’s Immigration, Passports & Nationality Authority Issues an Important Circular

Under the directives of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Eng. Ahmed Al-Maisri, the Yemeni Immigration, Passports & Nationality Authority (IPNA) __ based in the interim capital of Aden __  sent out a circular letter that instruct local authorities to invalidate all services of the Houthi-controlled IPNA.

The circular affirmed that all the directors of all branches in the liberated governorates and the executives of land and sea ports shall not approve of any  documents issued by any departments subject to the Houthis.

The Presidency of IPNA stressed that anything issued by the Houthi rebels is considered invalid, including  passports, visas to foreigners,  accommodation, refugee cards, certificates of nationality, marriage approvals, and so on.

The Yemeni Department of IPNA  called on all citizens and residents in all governorates to deal with the department of the legitimate government under the leadership of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

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