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Rashad Al Alimi Nominated Head of a Large Political Bloc

Prominent political parties and movements headed by Yemen’s top four parties _ The General People’s Congress, Yemeni Islah Party, the Socialist Party, and Nasserite Party _  have officially announced a national coalition that aims at siding with the internationally recognized government to restore state and end the four-year coup.

The statement, signed by 16 political parties and movements, highlighted 5 key points of the coalition’s objectives and chose Dr. Rashad Al Alimi head of the political bloc.

This comes after a historic session of the Yemeni parliament that was held yesterday for the first time since 2015.

Who is Rashad Al Alimi ?

Dr. Rashad Alimi was born in 1954. He took leading jobs in the country, such as Deputy Prime Minister of Yemen, Interior Minister, and president’s advisor.


Yemen Prominent Parties to Form a Political Bloc

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