A Colonel in the Republican Guard Dies  of Torture in Houthi Prisons


Sources have confirmed the death of Colonel Amin Yahya Muhammad Hanina suffering from cruel torture in the Houthi prisons.


Colonel Amin died yesterday in 48 al-Aaskari Hospital after his condition worsened, as a result of the brutal torturing methods which were used on him.


The sources said that the Houthis took him last Wednesday to the hospital owing to  internal bleeding and stroke, which was resulted from  severe torture and electric shocks  by the Houthis.


Colonel Amin Hanina was arrested  shortly after  Houthis stormed the capital Sana’a. Ever since ,  he had been kept captive and tortured until he passed away last night.


Houthis were and still are  obsessed with torturing prisoners , and Colonel Amin Hanina  probably won’t be the last victim of this militia.

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