A Human Rights Organization Confirms Houthis Involvement in Human Trafficking

Yemen Organization for Combating Human Trafficking ( YOCHT)  has confirmed that it possesses conclusive evidence regarding Houthis involvements  in the trade of organs and tissues extracted from hundreds of their wounded members.

The Organization stated , in a press statement on its official page on Facebook, that it has obtained appalling and startling information about the involvement of organized groups affiliated to Houthis in stealing organs and tissues of their wounded fighters, who are being transferred to hospitals in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen.

” We have documented a number of cases that were victims of such atrocious crimes . These crimes are deemed nothing but flagrant violation of human rights,” the Organization said. It also added that its delegates have met with victims from different provinces such as Hima, Bani Matar, Amran, Ibb,  Anes, and Hajjah.

According to YOCHT, three hospitals, functioning in Sana’a, are complicit in conducting these crimes, overseen by Yemeni and foreign doctors and aided and abetted by Houthis  leading figures. The organization said  that they don’t only steal their organs but also take their lives . It is indicated, based on the primary information obtained, there are many  other people whose organs or tissues were taken from their bodies.

” We retain the names of victims and the name of network stealing  and trafficking  human organs, including Yemeni  and foreign doctors as well as Houthis leading figures who orchestrate these brutal crimes ,” YOCHT said.

YOCHT condemned these dreadful violations and called for an  impartial  international investigation in this serious issue  to put an end to this atrocity and criminality against the wounded, who are supposed to receive health care in accordance with principles and ethics, medical and humanitarian conventions.

Yemen Organization for Combating Human Trafficking demands  the prosecution of those involved in these crimes, warning the de facto authority not to go further in committing  more crimes and/or providing protection for the perpetrators.

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