Houthi Militia Systematically Destroys Hodeidah

The Houthi militia has set fire to the “Ikhwan Thabet” Group in Hodeidah, planted large quantities of landmines on the main roads inside the city, and booby-trapped citizens houses as well as state facilities in continuation of its crimes and subversive acts in a grave violation of international norms and laws that criminalise targeting of civilian installations during a war.

Houthi’s criminal militia has continued subversive activities, followed the scorched earth policy and destroyed the capabilities of the Yemenis following their successive defeats in Hodeidah. These acts are desperate attempts by its ranks to undermine the progress of the Yemeni Resistance Forces, which now control strategic parts of the city.

Hodeidah is on the boil because of the terrorist practices of the Houthi and for targeting innocent civilians and infrastructure in the city.

The criminal practices have been rejected by the population in Hodeidah and there is a threat of a popular uprising against the militia, which could see an increase in the frequency of Houthi violations against the people.

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