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Houthis Continue to Siege, Shell Hais in Hodeidah

An old woman and a 16-year-old girl were both killed and another woman was wounded due to Houthi shelling against the houses of civilians in the Hais district, south of Hodeidah.

According to local sources, the causalities resulted when the Houthis shelled the house of civilian citizen Ali Mohammed Shehab in the neighborhood of al-Mahel in Hais district, south of Hodeidah.

Nearly 3,000 people are living in this district and other neighboring areas, and they are all suffering due to the siege imposed by the Houthis on the district and surrounding areas, according to human rights activists.

The activists said that the people there are experiencing a tragic situation because of the current Houthi-imposed siege and the shelling.

“The humanitarian crisis is shocking in those areas,” activists pointed.

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