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Entire Liberation of Al-Bayda In Central Yemen Begins After Demining

A military commander said that during the past two days, the Army Forces have achieved great victories in the Qaniah area (located between the two provinces of Marib and al-Bayda), the most important of which was liberating and securing the main market as well as a number of surrounding sites and roads.

Brigadier General Ahmed Mawodha, General Staff of the 117th Infantry Brigade, said that “the technical teams of the Army Forces are currently working to dismantle the mines implanted by the Houthis in the above-mentioned sites; and in the near future the area will be fully secured.”

The commander pointed out that “the Army Forces will begin the second phase of their military operation to advance towards the Wahhabiah and Belad al-Malajem to the entire liberation of al-Bayda.”

“During the battle for liberation, the Houthis suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment,” he added.

He further pointed there are dozens of causalities (dead or wounded) and that the bodies are still scattered in the Mounts while dozens others of the militant group were held captives by the Army Forces.

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