Army Forces Target Houthi Positions Near Qaniah In Central Yemen

The Army Forces have launched “a violent attack” on the positions and sites of the Houthi militia on the outskirts of Qaniah district, which is located between the two provinces of al-Bayda and the oil-rich Marib, according to official sources

According to a Yemeni military source, the attack targeted militia positions close to the border near the district of al-Sawadiyah in the central province of al-Bayda, which is also the militia’s headquarters in the province.

The official sources said that the attack came after a period of calm in the region following the Army’s liberation of Qaniah popular market and other strategic positions in the area.

Furthermore, the Arab coalition fighter jets have waged a number of aerial attacks, targeting Houthi military positions in the strategic area of ​​Yispel, which resulted in several deaths and injuries among Houthi militants as well as the destruction of a tank, weapons and ammunition, according to official sources.

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