Dozens of States Pledge $ 2.01 Bil To Help Yemenis

As many as 40 states from all over the world have pledged to help Yemeni people with $ 2.01 Billion. This comes during the “High-level Pledging Event For the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen.

UN Secretary General said that the pledges were a “remarkable success of international solidarity” for the country’s war-weary people, but aid alone will not provide a solution to the conflict.”

Speaking to reporters in Geneva after opening a pledging conference for Yemen, Mr. Guterres said that more than $2 billion had been promised by Member States before the end of the event.

Above all, the UN chief said, “we need a serious political process to lead to a political solution because there was never a humanitarian solution for any humanitarian crisis. The solution has always been political and in Yemen what we need is a political solution for these pledging conferences not to be repeated in the future.”

The event was co-chaired by the UN and the governments of Sweden and Switzerland. Pledges were made by 40 Member States and organizations, including the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), for humanitarian action in Yemen in 2018.

International pledges for over $2 billion represent almost double the amount raised in 2017 to fund humanitarian aid in the Arabian Peninsula country.

The United Nations and its humanitarian partners, in 2018, launched an international appeal for US$2.96 billion to provide neutral and impartial life-saving assistance and protection to people in Yemen.

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