UN Envoy Calls for Truce Extension in Yemen

Republican Yemen

The UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, urged Thursday Yemen’s internationally recognized government and the Iran-backed Houthi rebels to work on renewing the UN-led truce that expires on August 2.

“The Yemeni people and the international community want and expect the truce to be fully implemented, renewed, and strengthened, Mr. Grundberg said in a press release.

The UN envoy affirmed that expanding and extending the truce will be in the interests of the Yemeni people adding that more confidence needs to be built between the warring parties.

Grundberg noted that the truce will pave the way to starting “discussions on economic priorities, particularly on revenues and salaries” and other issues.

He stressed the importance of extending the truce whose ultimate goal is to reach a political resolution that puts an end to the seven-year conflict.

“An extended and expanded truce will increase the benefits to the Yemeni people. It will also provide a platform to build more confidence between the parties and start serious discussions on economic priorities, particularly on revenues and salaries, as well as security priorities, including a ceasefire. Ultimately, the aim is to move toward a political settlement that comprehensively ends the conflict”, Mr. Grundberg said.


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