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Child Killed in Houthi Shelling in Al Bayda Province

Republican Yemen

A child was killed on Tuesday in Yemen’s central province of Al Bayda in indiscriminate shelling launched by the Iran-linked Houthi militia, local sources said.

According to the sources, 13-year-old Ayah Zaid Alsarari died of her wounds when the Houthi rebels targeted her village with artillery shelling.

Residents of Khubza village say they could not move the child to a hospital to save her life because their village has been besieged by the Houthis for over a week.

This comes amid attempts by the United Nations to get the warring parties to agree to a six-month truce extension, which expires on August 2.

Aurora Humanitarian 2019 winning prize Huda Alsarari, who is a lawyer and human rights activist, called on the Office of UN Special Envoy for Yemen to condemn the Houthis for breaching the UN-led truce.

“The international community being lenient with the Houthis encourages them to shed more blood of Yemenis,” said Alsarari.

Reports say three people have been killed and 6 others wounded in the besieged village of Khubza, which has been under shelling and bombardment since last week.

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