Outraged protesters block streets in Aden due to high fuel prices and poor services

Republican Yemen

Hundreds of outraged civilians took to the streets of Aden protesting soaring fuel prices and poor services.

The port city of Aden, the interim capital of Yemen, has been witnessing angry protests in several districts since Sunday night where angry protesters blocked roads and lit fires into tires.

This comes after the price of 20 liters of fuel (petrol) hit YER 26000 (about $25) with a 14 % increase.

Yemen Petroleum Company denied raising fuel prices blaming private gas stations for increasing fuel prices.

It said in a statement that the price of 20 liters of fuel will remain at 19,800 riyals. However, it is not the increase in fuel prices that people are protesting against. It is also the worsening living conditions and basic services people have been going through.

“I went to the streets to express my anger at the government for failing to provide even the very basic services to its people, such as electricity and water,” Awsan Faisal told Republican Yemen.

According to Awsan, the situation in Aden has never gotten better since the formation of the Presidential Leadership Council.

“All we get is empty promises. It just keeps getting worse and worse,” He added.

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