4 soldiers killed despite UN-brokered truce

Republican Yemen

About 4 soldiers have been killed and 17 others wounded in the past three days in clashes between government forces and Houthi rebels across Yemen.

“four soldiers have been killed and others wounded as a result of Houthi attacks on positions of government forces west of Taiz,” the Media Office of Yemeni Army said in a statement.

The army media office, the Houthis launched attacks using artillery and drones in an attempt to block the only road that links the besieged city of Taiz to the south, adding that the Houthi militia has committed during the past three days over 288 breaches to the UN-sponsored cease-fire truce.

Meanwhile, residents of the seven-year-besieged city of Taiz took to the streets calling for the Houthi rebels to lift the siege they have imposed on the city since the breakout of the war.

In April, the UN Special Envoy to Yemen Hans Grunberg announced that a two-month truce became into effect between the Houthis and Yemen’s internationally recognized government.

The two-month truce, which was renewed early this month, led to the resumption of flights from the rebel-controlled Sana’a Airport and allowing fuel imports to Houthi-held ports. However, it has failed so far to open roads to Taiz city.

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