Crimes and Violations

An Abductee Died under Torture in Houthi prison

Republican Yemen

A man named Rami Hassan Ghazi, 24, is reported to have died under torture in a Houthi-run prison in Hajja province northwest Yemen.

According to local sources, Ghazi died on Tuesday after being abducted for three months during which he was subject to brutal torture in the so-called Preventive Security Prison.

A source familiar with the matter said gunmen led by a security supervisor of the Houthis abducted Ghazi from one of the markets in Al Mabesha district and held him in a Houthi-run prison. He then was moved to the Preventive Security Prison where he died under torture.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of fear of reprisal, said Ghazi’s family refused to receive his body for burial, holding Abdu Malik Al Razehi, head of the Houthi Preventive Security, accountable for Ghazi’s death.

During the past three months, his family was not able to check on him because the Houthis refused to reveal his whereabouts, the source added.

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