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Two elderly civilians killed by Houthi snipers in Taiz

Republican Yemen

Two elderly civilians were killed in the past 48 hours by Houthi snipers in Maqbana district, west of Taiz city, Yemen’s third-largest city.

41-year-old Saeeda Salem Alboomy was gunned down today by a Houthi sniper while she was gathering firewood near her home in Al Boomia village, locals said.

She bled to death after she was shot in her right leg by a Houthi sniper positioned in Al Magaesha hill, a resident told Republican Yemen, requesting not to be identified.

“We were not able to take her to hospital and save her life because the sniper was shooting at sight,” he said.

This comes one day following the killing of an elderly man by a Houthi sniper in the same district.

According to rights reports, more than 17,000 civilians in Taiz have been killed by Houthi shelling, mines, or snipers since the outbreak of the war in March 2015.

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