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‘War will continue until Yemen’s leaders act decisively to end it’, says outgoing British Ambassador to Yemen

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Outgoing British Ambassador to Yemen Michael Aron said he believes that the war will drag on in war-torn Yemen “until Yemen’s leaders act decisively’’ to put an end to it.

“This is sadly my last week as UK Ambassador to Yemen. It has been a huge privilege. I have had great affection for Yemen & its wonderful people since I first visited in 1982,” Aron tweeted.

Aron added that he does not claim to know much about Yemen, but the three years he spent as an Ambassador to Yemen have given him some reflections.

Mr. Aron reiterated that ending the war in Yemen is not easy, yet he is confident that peace can be achieved, given the fact that “Yemen is a country with a long history & traditions, an amazing cultural heritage, active political parties and strong civil society, combined with a proud and resilient people.” 

He asserted that since he was appointed British Ambassador to Yemen in 2018, the Iran-backed Houthi rebels “have demanded an end to the so-called blockade and to Coalition air attacks” and refused to halt their attacks on Marib despite offers by both the UN Envoy and  KSA. 

I can only conclude that the Houthis continue fighting because it helps them consolidate their position & pursue societal changes such as brainwashing children & oppressing women. I hope they will prove me wrong by engaging seriously with the new UN envoy & accepting a ceasefire.

Before leaving his post, Aron met today with Yemen’s Vice President, Prime Minister and Minister of Information in Riyadh where he was thanked and appreciated for his continuous efforts to help reach a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace in Yemen.

“I was honored to award UK Ambassador to Yemen HE Michael Aaron, Ministry’s shield in appreciation of his efforts in strengthening bilateral friendly relationship &praised his efforts, &UK support to the legitimate government, Yemen unity, security, stability &territorial integrity,” said Moammar al-Eriani, Yemen’s Minister of Information.

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