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Govt forces thwart Houthi attacks west of Marib, scores killed

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Republican Yemen

Government forces backed by tribesmen foiled Friday and Saturday massive attacks launched by the Iran-aligned Houthi rebels west of Marib, killing scores of militants, a military source said.

The Houthi rebels failed to make gains on the ground in Al-Kasara and Serwah fronts where they suffered heavy losses, a military source spoke on condition of anonymity because is not authorized to brief the media.

Following the attacks, intense fighting broke out between government forces and Houthi rebels on several fronts, killing tens of fighters on both sides, the source said. 

Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition launched airstrikes on Houthi positions and destroyed armed vehicles the rebels were using in their attacks.

In February, the Houthi militia carried out a full-scale offensive on Marib, the last major stronghold of the internationally recognized government in north Yemen, which is home to over a million IDPs. 

Despite the huge number of causalities, the fighting is still at a stalemate as the Houthi rebels have been so far unable to make a significant advance on the ground.


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