Crimes and Violations

Houthi loyalist kills his parents in cold blood for mocking the rebels’ leader

Republican Yemen

A Houthi loyalist named Mohammed Ali al-Harazi reportedly killed his parents on Sunday in Al Mahwit province, north of Yemen, for being anti-Houthis and mocking their leader,

It all started with an argument between the killer and his father who asked him to leave the Houthi group. According to locals, the argument grew intense, leading the killer to lose his temper and open fire on his father, after he made a mockery of the rebels’ leaders.

He then opened fire on his mother who tried to call for help and left the house carrying his gun, sources said.

According to sources, al-Harazi is a loyalist of the Houthi group and was appointed to supervise some Houthi-run activities, including summer camps, in Al Mahwit province.

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