Albukhaiti lashes out at Yemen’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

Republican Yemen

Yemeni political commentator Ali Albukhaiti criticized Yemen’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Bin Mubarak for remaining in his post as Ambassador to the US even after being appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in December 2020, describing it as a “disaster”.

Bin Mubarak hired a Moroccan lady as his secretary to run Yemen’s Embassy in Washington D.C who has access to all private correspondence of the embassy, Mr. Albukhaiti said on Twitter.

Albukhaiti accused Bin Mubark of destroying what is left of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, referring to Bin Mubarak’s persistence to hold on to his post as an ambassador despite the fact that he is currently serving as Yemen’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“Ahmed Bin Mubark has been like this since the National Dialogue Conference in 2013. He always wants to have control over everything. He sought to be nominated as the Prime Minister and because of him being a control freak, we lost everything, including the state’s institutions,” Albukhaiti said, referring to the infamous coup staged by Houthi rebels in 2014.

He also wondered how his secretary, a Moroccan national, runs Yemen’s Embassy and has a hold of its stamp in the time of war, not to mention the fact that she keeps the Ambassador Deputy away from the embassy correspondence with the US Department of State and other international diplomatic missions.

“A foreigner has become more trusted than a Yemeni diplomat who has been working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for decades,” Albukhaiti said ironically.

He asserted that Yemen has been run in this chaotic way since 2013, adding that it was the reason for the fall of the state and its institutions.

“It is all because of a handful group of opportunists who use the country to have personal gains,” Albukhaiti said.

This comes after a circulated letter sent to Yemen’s Embassy by US Department of State, Office of Chief of Protocol, requesting the embassy to submit a “Notification of Termination” of Ahmed Bin Mubark’s status as Yemen’s Ambassador to the United States.

“In accordance with Department criteria accreditation policy, the acceptance of a bilateral Chief of Mission is granted on the general premise that the diplomatic agent will reside and perform their duties on a full-time basis at the assigned Embassy in Washington D.C,” US Department of State said, pointing that “an Ambassador is not permitted to concurrently serve as a Minister of Foreign Affairs.”

It added that the submission has to be made “via eGov no later than June 30, 2021”, as it requested the Embassy to submit a “Notification of Change” in eGov.

For his part, the Ambassador Deputy, Wael Al-Hamdani, said Saturday in a televised interview that he was intentionally kept away from having access to specific emails of the embassy.

“For the past seven months, I did not have full access to emails of the embassy, which is something unprofessional,” Al-Hamdani said.

He added that he did not intend to talk about this matter in public, but he had no other choice, especially after the letter in question.was revealed to the public.

The letter, which has been widely circulated on social media, sparked outrage and dismay with the poor diplomatic performance of the Yemeni government, whose most cabinet members perform their duties from outside the country.

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