Investigative report on Houthis imposing changes in school curricula

Republican Yemen

A recent report published by Sidq Yemen, an independent fact-checking Yemeni platform, has shed light on changes in school curriculum made by the Iran-backed Houthis in areas under their control.

The report said the Houthis made curricula changes in four school subjects in all grades (1st, 2nd …. 6th) in primary school.

“Five school subjects (Holly Quran, Islamic Culture, Arabic, National Education, and History) were subject to changes by the Houthis,” the report said.

The 44-page report said the changes ranged from removing/adding lessons to different interpretations of Quranic verses.

According to the report, the changes were mainly made to serve the rebels’ sectarian objectives and to help spread their ideology among young students.

“Generally, the changes fall into three categories: sectarian, political, and non-sectarian or political changes,” the report said.

In March, Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) said in a report the education materials taught by Houthis “run contrary to UNESCO standards of peace and tolerance.”

The report, entitled ‘Review of Houthi Educational Materials in Yemen 2015–19’, warned that such materials are unacceptable in any society, as they are full of violent and graphic content and anti-American hatred.


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