U.S. Senator Accuses Houthis of Seizing UN Aid Intended for School Children

Republican Yemen

UN humanitarian aid intended for school children is diverted by the Iran-backed Houthi militia, said US Republican Senator Jim Risch, who is also a prominent member of the Foreign Relations Committee.

“The Houthis’ decision to seize aid intended for school children in Yemen is appalling,” Risch said in a tweet, accusing the Houthis of starving and contemptuous of the interests of the population living under their control.

“This aid must be unloaded and distributed. Immediately,” Risch added, pointing out that Houthis’ actions show contempt and disregard for the personal well-being and progress of the thousands who live under their effective control.

In June, the WFP suspended food aid in rebel-held capital Sana’a due to Houthis abuse of aid before resuming humanitarian work a few weeks later.

“Our food assistance is being manipulated, and we are being blocked from fixing it,” he told a UN Security Council meeting on Yemen.

Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Ursula Muelle reiterated that humanitarian partners are coerced into working under conditions that contradict the humanitarian principles.

“Over the past three months, there have been 60 separate incidents of attacks, intimidation, detention and other forms of mistreatment of humanitarian staff,” said Mueller in November 2019.


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