‘Houthis want a peace that contradicts the interests of the Yemeni people,’ said French Ambassador to Yemen

Republican Yemen

The Iran-backed Houthi militia needs to accept the Saudi peace initiative for Yemen, which is in line with UN efforts, French Ambassador to Yemen, Jean-Marie Safa said, urging the rebels to put the interest of the Yemeni people as a top priority.

“If they (Houthis) really want to put the interest of the Yemeni people above all else, then they must accept the elements of the entire Saudi peace plan, which is in line with the UN peace plan,” said Safa in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat.

Safa criticized the Houthi rebels for using “hollow slogans” about peace in their public statements, noting that guerrillas’ offensive in the northeastern governorate of Marib has revealed the group’s war-driven ideology.

“Saudi Arabia has presented a peace initiative, but Houthis responded with more attacks on the Kingdom and in Yemen. All of their actions are invested in perpetuating fighting, seizing the country, and controlling society,” Safa told Asharq Al-Awsat.

French Ambassador reiterated that the Houthis are determined to take control of Marib city, which is home to about two million IDPs, believing that they will be “ the only true power in Yemen,” but warned that it will aggregate more suffering.

He also questioned the value of their words about achieving peace, affirming that such words “are nothing but slogans that proved hollow in light of all the group’s actions,” which are directed towards fueling more conflicts in the war-ravaged country.

“Houthis want a peace that contradicts the interests of the Yemeni people and the region,” he added.

Safa pointed out that “outside observers mistakenly confuse Houthis for the Yemeni people,” as they try to appear as an oppressed group.

“While Houthis claim they are oppressed, the people of Yemen are the real victims,” he affirmed.

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