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Yemen: 77 COVID-19 cases recorded on Monday

Republican Yemen

Aden-based Supreme National Emergency Committee for COVID-19 said 77 new coronavirus cases were recorded on Monday, with two deaths and one recovery, the largest number to be officially recorded since late-2020.

A number of 77 COVID-19 cases were recorded as follows: 32 cases in Hadhramaut, 20 cases in Aden, 11 cases in Taiz, 8 cases in Shabwah, and 1 case in Marib, with one death and one recovery in Hadhramaut, adding up to 2545 cases in total — including 653 deaths and 1447 recovered cases,” the committee said on Twitter.

The number of cases officially recorded on Monday only include areas under the control of the internationally recognized government, whereas Houthis refrain to announce infections in areas under their control.

This comes amid heavy fighting between the Iran-backed Houthi rebels and government forces in Marib and Taiz provinces, resulting in hundreds of causalities from both sides.

The second wave of COVID-19, coupled with the ongoing fighting, is believed to further exacerbate the already devastating situation in the war-torn country.

Last year, the UN acknowledged that the unannounced cases of the pandemic were way higher than officially confirmed figures.

In February, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, announced that Yemen had been allocated about 2,316,000 doses of University of Oxford and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines through the COVAX facility.

“A first allocation of 2.3 million doses has been confirmed and should be available by end-February, beginning of March, depending on the suppliers’ availability of vaccines,” Philippe Duamelle, UNICEF’s representative in Yemen told Reuters last month.

Due to the war that broke out in 2015, Yemen is now, according to the United Nations, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with more than two-thirds of the nation in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

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