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STC Brigadier-General survived a car bomb in Aden, two Yemeni separatist fighters killed

A car bomb targeted on Thursday a military convoy in Aden, Yemen’s interim capital, killing at least two fighters affiliated with the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

 STC Brigadier-General Mohsen al-Wali and another general survived “an assassination operation using a rigged car”, the STC forces said in a tweet.

“Their battle is not against the Houthi enemy … but against the south, its leadership and forces,” the UAE-backed STC said in a statement without naming the party behind the attack.

In November 2019, both the Yemeni government and the STC inked a Saudi-sponsored agreement in Riyadh to end months-long struggle over power in the south.

It was not until December 2020, when government forces and STC forces finished the process of troops redeployment in the flashpoint province of Abyan under the supervision of a Saudi de-escalation team tasked with monitoring the implementation of the military pact of the Riyadh Agreement.

Following the implementation of the military pact of the Riyadh Agreement, Yemen’s President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi announced the formation of a power-sharing government.

On Dec. 30, Iran-backed Houthi militia targeted Aden airport, timed with the landing of a plane carrying members of the new cabinet.  Even though the government survived the attack, it left at least 22 people killed and scores wounded, including journalists, reports, and aid workers, the latter were waiting for their flight to Cairo.

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