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Houthis blow up six homes in Taiz

Republican Yemen

The Iran-aligned Houthi insurgents blew up six homes on Thursday, east of Taiz, local sources said

According the sources, the militia blew up six homes located around the Houthi-controlled Security Forces Camp, following government forces advance toward the camp.

A military official in the government forces of Taiz told Republican Yemen, on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media, that the Houthi militia destroyed the homes out of fear that they would be used by the government forces to seize the camp.

This comes amid heavy fighting between Houthis and government forces west of Taiz, where the militia lost a number of villages to the government forces.

Early this year, Civil Commission for Houses Bombing Victims (CHBC) said in a report that the Houthi rebels had blown up over 816 homes in 17 Yemeni provinces, 215 of which in Taiz.

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