U.S. Imposes sanctions on two Houthi leaders for prolonging the war, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis

Republican Yemen

The United States of America imposed sanctions on Tuesday on two Houthi military leaders for prolonging the conflict in war-torn Yemen and exacerbating the humanitarian crisis, Reuters reported.

Houthi military leaders, Mansur Al-Sa’adi, the Houthi naval forces chief of staff, and Ahmad ‘Ali Ahsan al-Hamzi, who have defied international appeals by pursuing an offensive to seize the government’s last northern stronghold, were blacklisted by the U.S.Treasury Department for intentionally worsening exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.          

“The United States condemns the destruction of civilian sites by the Houthi militants designated today,” Andrea Gacki, the director of the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control said in a statement. “These individuals command forces that are worsening the humanitarian crisis in Yemen”

According to the Treasury Department, the two military commanders had been trained in Iran and acquired weapons from the clerical state, which has religious affinities with the Houthis and a shared hostility toward Saudi Arabia.

“The United States remains committed to promoting accountability of Houthi leadership for their actions, which have contributed to the extraordinary suffering of the Yemeni people,” Andrea Gacki, said.

This comes after thee weeks of the Biden administration revoked the designation of Houthis as a terrorist group, in an attempt to facilitate peace talks and end the six-year war in Yemen, a move that emboldened Houthis to carry out a wide-scale offensive to capture Marib city, home to about two million IDPs who fled the scourge of the war.

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