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Marib: Houthi Ballistic Missile Kills One Civilian, Leaves 7 others Wounded

Republican Yemen

One civilian was killed and seven others wounded on Monday when a missile launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia struck a residential area in Marib city.

According to local sources, a missile launched by the Houthi rebels landed at al-Rawdah neighborhood, leaving one civilian killed and seven others wounded, some of whom in a critical condition.

The Houthi militia has lately intensified its missile attacks on Saudi Arabia and Yemen’s oil-rich Marib city, the latter is home to about two million IDPs.

The militia launched Sunday as many as 10 missiles toward the city of Marib, the last stronghold of the Yemeni government in north Yemen.

The militia also fired missiles and bomb-laden drones towards the Saudi kingdom, which were intercepted by the Saudi defense, according to spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition.

The Houthi insurgents have been attacking the city of Marib for the past three weeks in attempt to capture the oil-rich city. Hundreds of fighters, mostly from the militia, are reported to have been killed in heavy fighting that is taking place west of Marib city.

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