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334 detainees died under torture, mostly in Houthi-run prisoners, a report says

Republican Yemen

Rights Radar, a civil society organization for Human Rights, released a report on cases of death under torture inside prisoners run by the warring parties in Yemen.

The report said it has documented and monitored 271 cases of murder committed under torture in prisons, 205 of which in Houthi-run prisons, 55 in prisons run by the UAE-backed armed formations, 7 by Al-Qaeda, and 4 in prisons controlled by authorities of the legitimate government.

According to the report, most cases took place in the port city of Hodeidah, Sana’a, Aden, and Ibb governorates

“Regarding the geographic area of murder committed under torture in prisons, Al-Hodeidah came first with 43 cases, and then Amanat Al-Asimah, Sana’a, came second with 38 cases. After that, Aden came third with 33 cases and Ibb came fourth with 32 cases,” the report said.

The report indicated that 10 children and 3 women were of those who were killed under torture inside prisoners.

The Netherlands-based organization asserted in its 60-page report that 28 cases died in prisons due to deliberate medical negligence.

“The number of victims of this type of abuses reached 28 cases between only two parties, including 25 cases committed by Houthi militia and three cases committed by UAE-backed armed formations,” the report said.

This week, two reports on violations of human rights committed in Yemen: ‘The Smell of Death’, a report released by Abductees Mothers’ Association that shed light on appalling violations committed against abductees in Houthi-run Al Saleh Detention, and a joint report released by Yemen Organization for Combating Human Trafficking (YOCHT) Women for Yemen, and 8 March Yemeni Union Women in which 71 rape cases were documented against detained women in Houthi-run prisons.

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