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Rights groups: 71 female abductees raped in Houthi-run incarceration

Republican Yemen

A joint report released by Yemen Organization for Combating Human Trafficking (YOCHT) Women for Yemen, and 8 March Yemeni Union Women said about 71 rape cases were documented against detained women in Houthi-run prisons from December 2017 to December 2020.

The report indicated that there are 1180 abductees behind bars, over 400 of them are rights activists and relief workers, while there 290 are under the age of 19.

According to the report, about 4 abductees committed suicide inside Houthi-controlled incarceration due to being subject to severe physical and psychological torture.

The joint report comes two days after a report, entitled “The Smell of Death’, was released by Abductees Mothers’ Association, which shed light on appalling violations committed against abductees in Houthi-run Al Saleh Detention.

The rights groups called for revealing the whereabouts of female detainees who are being held in Houthi-run secret prisons and allowing human rights organizations to visit these prisons and check on the physical and mental health of female detainees.

They also called upon the international community to practice more pressure on Houthis to release the detained women immediately and unconditionally and to halt violations committed on women.

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