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Yemen’s MPs Call on Govt to Withdraw from Stockholm Agreement

Republican Yemen

Members of Yemen’s parliament who are loyal to the internationally recognized government have called for an urgent withdrawal from the UN-sponsored Stockholm agreement that was signed in Switzerland between the Yemeni government and Houthi rebels in late 2018.

In a letter sent to Yemen’s President, Vice President, and Prime Minister, the parliament members demanded withdrawal from the Stockholm agreement due to military escalation and not abiding by the agreement by the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

The letter demanded a letter be urgently sent to “the concerned parties” informing them of the withdrawal of the government from the Stockholm agreement.

“The criminal Houthi militia has never complied with the agreement since it was signed. The militia has been using the ports of Hodeidah and Al-Salif to smuggle ballistic missiles and drones that kill the Yemeni people across Yemen,” the MPs said.

They also demanded the battlefronts be engaged with the Houthi militia in order not to give the Houthi militia way for mobilization and reinforcement against government forces in Al Jawaf and Marib provinces.

“Not meeting these two demands will make our people feel that the legitimate government has let the Yemeni army down in the frontlines of Marib and Al Jawf, which will ultimately serve the Houthi militia,” the MPs warned.

In April 2019, a parliamentary session was convened in Seiyun, a quorum-ensuring majority, for the first time since 2014, yet parliamentary sessions continued for a month and then stopped for unknown reasons.

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