1413 mines and explosive devices detonated in Bab Al Mandab

Republican Yemen

As many as 1413 Houthi-laid mines and explosive devices were destroyed today in Bab Al Mandab, the Saudi Project for Mine Clearance in Yemen, Masam, said.

“Team 30 has carried out an operation to destroy 1013 mines and unexploded ordnance in Bab Al Mandab,” the project said on its official website.  

According to Masam, this was the 99th mine-destroying operation to take place in Yemen

“117 anti-armor mines, 215 unexploded shells, 597 miscellaneous fuses, 471 ammunition, 4 explosive devices, 6 missiles, and 3 anti-personnel mines were destroyed in the operation,” the project said.

It added that its mine-disposal squads have successfully cleared 1,419 mines during the fourth week of January, adding up to a total of 214,437 cleared mines since the project initiated its mine-clearing mission in mid-2018.

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