50000 Houthi-laid mines destroyed in Haja province

Republican Yemen

About 50000 mines and explosives that had been planted by the Iran-backed Houthis were destroyed on Saturday in the northern parts of Haja province, the Media Center of the Fifth Military Region (MCFMR) said.

Major Mujahid Al-Shaer, head of the engineering operations in the Fifth Military Region, said in a press release that the large quantities of mines and explosives were dismantled in the past two years in the districts of Medi, Hairan, Abbs, and Haradh where Houthis had randomly excessively laid landmines and explosive devices.

“Thousands of mines still pose a grave danger to civilians in the liberated areas of Haja,” Major Al-Shaer said.

He added that about 50 civilians were killed last year due to Houthi-laid mines, calling on the “competent authorities” to help clear the remaining areas to help civilians go back to their homes and go about their daily lives.

Reports indicate that the Houthi group has laid over a million mines in large swaths of the country. These mines have killed, injured, or maimed thousands of unsuspecting civilians.

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