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Rights group: roughly 1000 violations committed against education in Yemen

Republican Yemen

The Iran-aligned Houthi insurgents have committed roughly 1000 violations against education in areas under their control since 2017, a non-profit organization said on Sunday.

In a report issued on International Day of Education, Sam for Rights and Liberties said it had documented over 950 violations against education, noting that Houthis shut 27% of educational institutions, while 7% are being used for military purposes and places for internally displaced persons  (IDPs).

The Geneva-based organization reiterated that Houthis committed serious violations against  education in Yemen, of which politicizing education, assigning loyal headmaster and deans imposing amendment on curriculum to serve their ideology, and holding sectarian events in schools

It added that the militia has stormed over 300 private schools in Sana’a, Dhamar, Amran, and Hajja since 2017 and appointed loyal headmasters and deans to run private schools and universities.

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