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Iran Ambassador to Houthis: Int’l aid organizations aim to eradicate civilization

Republican Yemen

Iran illegitimate ambassador to Houthi militia in Yemen, Hasan Irlu, has accused international aid organizations of working on “eradicating civilization and fueling soft war”

Yemen is currently going through a period of time similar to what Iran has previously faced, noting that Tehran had used an “advanced strategy” to restore civilization, Irlu said on Monday in a meeting with a youth group named Awareness and Cohesion in the rebel-held capital, Sana’a.

This came one day following attacks by a well-known Houthi religious scholar against international aid agencies.

Shams Aldeen Sharaf Aldeen (the Mufti of Houthis) accused UN aid agencies of aiding and abetting the aggression, referring to the Saudi-led coalition.

“The so-called humanitarian organizations are actually intelligence agencies that are determined to stay in Yemen,” Shams Aldeen said.

“They provide the aggression with coordination and information, more than they provide aid to the Yemeni people.”

Despite repeated calls by UN aid agencies on the U.S. to reverse its designation of Houthis as a terrorist group, claiming it will have severe consequences on Yemenis, the Iran-backed Houthis keep accusing these organizations of being enemies of Yemenis.  

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