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Two women killed, others wounded in Houthi shelling north Taiz

Republican Yemen

Two women have been killed and several others wounded in Houthi shelling that targeted a populated neighborhood north the five-year besieged city of Taiz, Yemen’s third-largest city.

According to local sources, ten personnel trucks and armored vehicles affiliated with the Iran-linked Houthi insurgents imposed a siege on Al Hayma, north of Taiz city, under the pretext of looking for a wanted man.

During the four-day siege imposed by Houthis, the militia launched artillery shelling on residential areas, killing two women and wounding some others, the sources said.

The shelling also caused collateral damage to homes, prompting waves of displacements among residents in the area.

Following the killing of two women, residents in the besieged area picked up arms against the militia leading to clashes between the two sides as the Houthi militia brought more reinforcement to storm the area.

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