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Houthi militia kidnaps the man behind revealing Khitam al-Eshari’s story

Republican Yemen

Murad al-Banna has been kidnapped for revealing the story of Khitam al-Eshari, a mother of four children who was beaten to death in front of her children by the Houthi militia in Ibb province, local sources said.

According to local sources, al-Banna who posted on social media about the assault against a 25-year-old mother in front of her four kids in her house in al-Odayn, Ibb province.

The crime sparked outrage among people against the Houthi militia for storing homes and killing unarmed women in cold blood.

In mid-December, armed men affiliated with the Houthi- run security department of Al-Aden district stormed the house of al-Eshari and searched it as they were looking for the husband. When they did not find him, they beat up the woman to death.

Local sources said Al-Banna was thrown in the Political Security (intelligence) jail controlled by the militants in Ibb without being charged.

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