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YCMHRV: Houthis committed 73 violations of human rights in Taiz In less than 50 days

Republican Yemen

Rasd Coalition, the Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations (YCMHRV) said Monday that the Iran-aligned Houthi insurgents committed 73 violations against civilians in Sallah, Al Qahera, and Al Modafer districts in the four-year besieged city of Taiz, from November 1 to December 19.

The report entitled “Non-stop Shelling” shed light on indiscriminate shelling launched by the Houthi militia on densely populated areas that killed 11 civilians, including 6 children, and wounded 37 others, 21 of whom were children and 4 were women.

The shelling caused collateral damage to 11 homes, 5 stores, and three vehicles, according to the report.

YCMHRV ‘s Executive Director, the Mutahir Al-Butheji, reiterated that these crimes “have no statute of limitation and the perpetrators will sooner or later be prosecuted and brought to justice.”

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