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NGO: Houthis killed 691 civilians in Taiz

Republican Yemen

Rights Radar, an independent NGO for human rights, said on Sunday 691 civilians have been killed and 2900 wounded in the five-year besieged city of Taiz due to Houthi shelling, landmines, and snipers.

“Rights Radar’s monitors in Taiz have documented 691 civilian deaths since the outbreak of the war, including 252 children and 10 women,” Rights Radar said, noting that 2898 civilians have been wounded, 1013 of whom were children and 279 women.

The Netherlands-based organization condemned targeting civilians, stressing the importance of complying with international laws.

The civil society organization called on the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, to take a “firm stance” against crimes committed against civilians by all parties to the conflict.

Rights Radar condemned the recent targeting of the Al Ahli club with a mortar shell that left a former football player and his son dead and two more junior players wounded.

It said the crime is similar to what happened last April when the militia targeted the Centre Prison for female prisoners in Taiz, leaving seven women dead and dozens wounded.

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