U.S. Imposes terrorism-related Sanctions on Iran Ambassador to Houthis

Republican Yemen

The United States imposed on Tuesday terrorism-related sanctions on Hasan Irlu, Iran envoy to its proxy militia in Yemen, Houthi rebels.

 The U.S. Treasury said in a statement that the U.S. imposed sanctions on Hasan Irlu, along with l-Mustafa International University and an Iran-based Pakistani citizen Yousef Ali Muraj.

“Today, the U.S. is designating Hasan Irlu, an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps– Qods Force officer, and an individual and a university supporting IRGC-QF recruitment operations. Iran’s support for the Houthis fuels the conflict in Yemen and exacerbates the country’s instability,” US Secretary of State Pompeo said in a Twitter post.

On October 17, The Iranian Foreign Ministry announced that its ambassador to Houthis had arrived in the rebel-held capital, Sana’a.

Following the announcement, Yemen’s internationally recognized government denounced the Iranian regime for smuggling and assigning an ambassador to its proxy militia in Yemen, describing Tehran’s move as a clear violation of international law and Security Council resolutions, including Resolution 2216.

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