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Three civilians killed, others wounded due to Houthi-laid mines in Al Jawf province

Republican Yemen

Three civilians have been killed and others wounded the past two days in three explosions caused by landmines laid by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in Al Hazem district, the capital of Al Jawf province, northeast Yemen.

According to the Yemeni Observatory for Documenting Mines Victims in Yemen, a civilian named Jalal Musa was killed in a mine explosion laid by the Houthi militia while he was on his way home east of Al Hazem district, the capital of Al Jawf province.

This came hours following a mine explosion north of Al Hazem districtthe that killed a resident called Ali Dashlan, and left his son seriously injured, local sources said. 

On Friday, another mine explosion took place on a road that links Al Hazem district to Al Rwaik district, leaving Mabkhoot Mohammed Al Koah dead and others wounded while they were in the car going back home.

According to local and international reports, thousands of civilians have been killed, wounded, or maimed due to the mass mines and explosive devices the Houthi militia has randomly laid in large swaths of the war-torn country.

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