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MP Resigns due to Houthi Practices, Threats

Republican Yemen

Member of the Houthi-controlled parliament Abdo Muhammad Beshr has quit in protest to suspending sessions of the internationally unrecognized parliament upon the order of Mahdi Almashat, president of the so-called Supreme Political Council.

In his resignation letter, Beshr said he resigned upon the request of  Mahdi Almashat, adding that he was subject to death threats because of his constant criticism of Houthi corruption.

“We can’t continue being in a parliament where the constitution is applied according to the desires of Houthis as there is no commitment to partnership,” Beshr said.

Beshr’s resignation came after Houthis suspended sessions of the parliament due to not electing Houthi candidates to the membership of the presidency of the parliament.

A few days ago, elections were held for the presidency of the parliament – the illegitimate one in Sana’a – in which Yahya al-Ra’i was elected president of the council, and Abdo Muhammad Beshr as vice president.

In April 2019, the internationally recognized government-held extraordinary sessions of the parliament in Sayoun, after electing Sultan Al Barakani speaker of the Yemeni House of Representatives

The sessions were attended by 136 pro-government lawmakers, out of a total of 267, while 100 lawmakers alongside Yahya Ali al-Ra’i, the former speaker of the Yemeni House of Representatives, remained in the rebel-held capital, Sana’a.

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