Albukhaiti criticizes Brookings Institute for being against designating Houthis a terrorist group

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Yemeni political commentator Ali Albukhaiti criticized Brookings Institute for its report that stands against a potential decision in the Trump Administration to designate the Iran-backed Houthi militia a terrorist group.

“Brookings Institute criticized Trump Administration over planning to designate Houthis a terrorist group. It said and I quote “The Houthis are a violent and dangerous organization with very extremist propaganda, but they have not attacked Americans or Israelis despite their rhetoric,” Albukhaiti commented in Twitter posts, adding that

He accused the institute of being selective in defending terrorist groups as if the lives of the Yemeni people didn’t matter to them.

“To them, the Yemeni people who fall victim to Houthi crimes don’t matter. Such documented crimes seem to be of less interest to the director of the institute, John Allen, and the one who prepared and wrote the report. What really matters to them is that Houthis did not attack the U.S. and Israel,” said Albukhaiti.

He reiterated that such institutes are the “ugly face of racism,” wondering how those who are in charge of such institutes would react if the victims were some of their relatives or there were western imprisoned journalists in Houthi-run prisons.

He also criticized the International Crisis Group for refusing to designate Houthi rebels a terrorist group despite the fact that they acknowledge that Houthis have a terrorist, radical ideology.

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“They believe that there is no problem as long as the Houthi terrorism does not affect the west. What matters to them, as they claim, is not undermining the peace prospect, yet history has proven that radical groups never believe in peace,” Mr. Albukhaiti said.

“Had such institutes depended on freelance Yemeni researchers for their reports, they would not have objected to the American move. They would rather spare no effort to motivate Houthis to abandon their terrorist practices instead of putting pressure on the US Administration.”

Albukhaiti asserted that terrorism for Houthis is systematic and that some international organizations have designated Houthis as a very dangerous group that poses threat to freedom of opinion and freedom of the press.

“Taking a look at their systematic crimes, such as blowing up homes, torture to death, executing captives, and silencing all voices of their opponents, it very logical to see Houthis being designated a terrorist group,” Albukhaiti added.

He affirmed that western institutes and governments must be serious in confronting terrorist groups, like the Houthi group, before they turn into states and radical regimes that undermine the international peace and security, adding that “it is not proper to think of Yemenis’ blood and freedom as a cheap thing.”

“No one wants the war to continue, but it is not right to use peace as an excuse to overlook the Houthi terrorism just because it does no harm to the west. The right thing to do is to continue the international pressure on Houthis since radical groups don’t think of peace unless it is for their own good,” he continued.

Albukhaiti warned “there will be a day when the world finds out how stupid it was to overlook Houthi terrorism. By then, Iran and its proxy in Yemen, Houthis, will have controlled the most important lines of international navigation, including Bab Almandab Straight. Only then will the world discover that reports released by such institutes were nonsense.”

This comes following a report issued by Foreign Policy with regard to the Trump Administration intending to designate Houthis a terrorist group.

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