Fighting renews between Houthi militia and govt forces in Marib, Taiz, and Al Jawf

Republican Yemen

Intense fighting resumed on Saturday between the Iran-back Houthi militia and government forces in Marib, Taiz, and Al Jawf provinces, military sources said.

In Marib, the militia claimed it has seized Mass camp, west of the province, a claim refuted by government officers who appeared on a recorded video in the military camp, assuring it remains under the control of government forces.

According to a military field commander in Taiz, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the press, government forces have foiled an attempt to infiltrate north of the besieged city Taiz, noting that the militia suffered heavy losses.

This came hours following shelling attacks launched by the Houthi rebels on residential areas in the five-year besieged city that killed two civilians and wounded two others.

In the northern province of  Al Jawf, fighting also continued between the Houthi militia and government forces, leaving casualties on both sides, local sources said.

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