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Houthis shell Al-Amal Center for Oncology Treatment, two health workers wounded (Photos)

Republican Yemen

Iran-aligned Houthi insurgents targeted on Sunday Al-Amal Center for Oncology Treatment, the only health center dedicated to treating oncology in the five-year besieged city of Taiz, with artillery shelling, leaving two health workers wounded.

Sources said the shelling caused collateral damage to the center and panic among patients and workers in the center, which had to stop functioning for several hours.

This is not the first time the Houthi militia has targeted the center. In 2015, the center shut down and moved to another building in the center of the city due to Houthi shelling to continue providing health care for its patients.

In February 2020, the center relocated to its headquarter and started functioning.

Locals accused the militia of launching indiscriminate shelling on populated areas where there are schools, hospitals, and civilian objects, saying Sunday’s attack was one more evidence that Houthi rebels don’t seem to differentiate between centers that provide free health care and other targets.   

Earlier this month, the militia targeted Al Thulaya school, about hundreds of meters away from Al-Amal Center, with a mortar shell that landed on the schoolyard. Luckily no causalities were reported for students and teachers were in classes.

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