Houthi Minister of Justice orders gunmen to storm Albukhaiti’s home in Sanaa

Republican Yemen

Yemeni political commentator Ali Albukhaiti, currently residing in the UK, said he learned that the minister of justice in the internationally unrecognized government of Houthis, Iran’s proxy militia in Yemen, ordered gunmen to storm his home and confiscate his property in the rebel-held capital, Sana’a.

Albukhaiti said in a series of tweets that minister of justice in the so-called Houthi government Muhammed Al Dailami ordered a group of gunmen to break into his villa and confiscate all his possessions in response to his severe criticism against the group.

He held the rebels’ leader, Abdel Malik Al Houthi, responsible for the safety of his aunt and her children who are settled down in the villa, which used to be his law firm and is still a residence to be used by his family whenever they visit Yemen.

 Albukhaiti expressed dismay at the order issued by Muhammed Al Dailami, who is a member of the same tribe that Ali Albukhaiti comes from.

“Just for the record, the Minister of Justice in the Houthi government is a member of our tribe (Al-Hada / Dhamar),” Albukhaiti said, adding that it is a serious crime and kind of bullying when a judge __ who is also his friend __ orders the “storming of a residence with no legal formulation.”

Albukhaiti asserted that whatever measures Houthis take against him will come as no surprise, for they have already usurped power in the country and caused most Yemenis to be homeless or displaced.

He added that he was saddened to see Houthis make his dear friend do their dirty illegal work, accusing the group of aiming to sow sedition among people of the same tribe.

“… Being a de facto authority, they could have confiscated anything and everything by getting a court ruling from the courts they control, yet they wish to sow discord among people of the same tribe,” he said.

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