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Two girls shot by Houthi snipers in Hodeida province

Republican Yemen

At least three civilians were seriously wounded on Wednesday in Bayt Al Faqeeh district, south the key port city of Hodeida, by Houthi shelling and snipers, local sources said.

The sources said Houthis snipers gunned down Hamooda Omar Obaid Shami,25, while in her home Al Toor area, in Bayt Al Faqeeh district.

A medical source in Al Durayhimi Hospital said the victim was submitted to the hospital earlier today and is now receiving medical treatment.

The incident took place hours after a Houth-affiliated sniper shot 7-year-old Isra Ali Gamali while she was playing near her house.

“The bullet penetrated the kid’s right thigh and went out through her left thigh,” a medical source told Republican Yemen on condition of anonymity.

Earlier this week, the militia targeted Al Mandar neighborhood, located near Al Hodeida Airport, with a missile, leaving at least five civilians wounded.

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