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Houthis blow up three homes in Al Bayda

Republican Yemen

Three homes have reportedly been blown up by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Al Bayda province, central Yemen.

Local sources said the militia destroyed last week three homes using explosives in Thee Naim district in the province of Al Bayda, where other houses near the destroyed homes were affected by the explosions.

According to the sources, the homes were owned by Saleh Omar Al Hasimi, Ahmed Mohammed Al Qaesi, Mabkhoot Mohammed Al Mashreqi, who are tribal leaders known to oppose the militias.

This is not the first time the militia has blown up homes of its opponents in Al Bayda province.

Last month, the militia blew three homes, one of them owned by a resident who works in Saudi Arabia whose family was kicked out of the house and was not even allowed to take its belongings before destroying the house by the militia.

A local report published last month indicated that  Houthi insurgents have blown up roughly 820 homes of their opponents since September 2014.

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