Tehran announces arrival of its ambassador to Houthis in Sana’a

Republican Yemen

The Iranian Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday that its ambassador to Houthis has arrived in the rebel-held capital, Sana’a.

The ministry said Tehran’s ambassador to the Houthis, Hassan Irloo, has arrived in Sanaa and will soon submit a copy of his credentials to the so-called government of Houthi0run National Salvation Government, a government that is not recognized by no country but Iran.

The Iranian move has officially proven its strong ties with its proxy militia, a move that was preceded by signing a military cooperation deal between Tehran and the Houthi militia.

The announcement raised sarcasm at western theories and analyses that attempt to present the Houthi militia as an independent group from Iran.

Nadwa Dawsari, a Yemeni  Conflict Analyst based in Jordan, accused some western ambassadors of being “too fixated on getting their governments to pressure the Saudis to accept Houthis.”

“Downplaying the link between Houthis & Iran is a mistake many analysts make in their quest to discredit Saudi concerns in Yemen. But Iran threat to the region is real and their destructive agenda is long term,” Dawsari said.

Ibrahim Jalal, co-founder of the Security Distillery Think Tank, also accused western ambassadors of trying to legitimize the de facto authority of the militia.

“Several Western Ambassadors have tried to oversell the idea that the Hoots are independent from Iran & that their ties can be easily downgraded, in a manner comparable to denying Iran’s long-established support for the rebels. Tehran’s move NOW further weakens the oversold theory,” said Ibrahim.

In August 2019, the Iran-linked Houthi group appointed its first ambassador to Iran, the main financier and supporter of the militia, pleading for international recognition of its coup.

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